“My Biofield Tuning session with Anna was very profound. It touched and moved some places in me that I have found no other modality could address. She is such a caring and compassionate presence that it felt very safe and allowed me to really open up. It is taking a few days to feel into all the dimensions that the tuning forks touched in me and I am amazed at how deep it is. I highly recommend Anna for Biofield Tuning!”  -KT

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the Biofield Tuning treatment yesterday! That was a cool experience. It’s an amazing thing that you have the antennae to do— to detect vibes from decades ago, even before birth. It boosts my faith in the universe and the meaning of all things. It’s so much more profound than the little worlds we can get wrapped up in. Having one’s life looked over feels like a validating review, on a spiritual journey level.   

Clare M.

“I recently had prostate surgery and am recuperating. Because of the initial bladder expansion, I have had a lot of tension in my lower back and kidney area. After the cranial sacral and tuning fork treatment with Anna I was finally able to totally relax. This lasted for two or three days until my pattern of tightening returned. It was again relieved with another treatment and I seem to be better able to relax and heal from the surgery.

I would recommend this treatment for anyone like myself who has a habit pattern of holding certain positions to try to gain control over muscles. This relaxes the muscles and helps shape new habits of not “holding on.”

– John W.

“I have been experiencing pain in my great toe joint on the right foot and difficulty with balance after breaking 3 metatarsal bones last fall. I have had difficulty moving my toes and could only move the foot up and down, not raising or lowering the toes on either side. After a tuning fork treatment with Anna I was able to move my toes side to side. Lack of balance in the shower had necessitated using a stool so I wouldn’t lose my balance while washing my hair. I was truly surprised when 5 days after the treatment I realized I was in the shower – no stool – washing my hair. My balance and mobility definitely improved.  

A Sotai treatment on my shoulder after a dislocation definitely improved my mobility and comfort level. I would highly recommend a treatment with Anna as it worked better than any of the other treatments I have tried since the injuries.” 

-Artice S.  

“Anna’s warmth and innate skill with tuning forks provided a safe container for powerful, moving, and gentle integration to unfold during my Biofield Tuning treatments. Bringing me back to my truest self has transformed my relationship with others.”

-Melanie C.

“I had a really fabulous biodynamic craniosacral treatment from Anna, prior to which she used tuning forks. I have been dealing with chronic ankle pain, toenail infections and constant low-grade stress and anxiety that impacts my rest and impedes relaxation. After my time with Anna during this treatment, I felt more energized and in a happier mood than I can remember feeling in a very long time. This energy and happiness lasted well into the next day. 

 I’ve never had a craniosacral treatment before and have little exposure to tuning forks. I am extremely sensitive to treatments, however – often even getting light headed from thin acupuncture needles. Anna’s treatment was both gentle and participatory. Before beginning, Anna explained at length what the foundation for the treatments are and why she was going to do what she was. Her explanation set me at ease and made me feel like I was a part of what was going to occur. It empowered me to make a very informed decision. I felt very comfortable asking as many questions as I wanted to. 

During the treatment Anna quietly let me know each step that she was going to do before proceeding. This helped me feel prepared and at ease each step of the way, as opposed to merely being poked and prodded. I felt involved in my own healing. Finally, Anna’s treatments were extremely gentle and calming, a welcome reprieve after rough and scary experiences I’ve had recently with other providers. I’m very thankful for our time together and highly recommended Anna’s healing capacities.” 

-Grace D.