Practice Philosophy   


Education, practice and personal experience have taught me that gentle, therapeutic touch and sound therapy can be highly restorative for the nervous system and, paradoxically, quite powerful at alleviating a multitude of health concerns, chronic or acute, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical in nature. I am deeply passionate about all forms of gentle, non-invasive medicine and when it comes to working with the body, I feel consistently awed by the change that can arise from doing less and listening more.  


Much of my philosophical approach is inspired by the foundational writings of Osteopathic Doctors, A.T. Still, William Sutherland and Rollin Becker as well as my teachers of Craniosacral Therapy, East Asian Bodywork, Classical Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy and Sound Healing Technique. I have been fortunate to have so many wonderful mentors on this path and am so very grateful for all of them. I have come to believe that the organizing principle within each of us must also be honored as primary teacher. In cultivating presence and the capacity to listen to the stories our bodies want to tell, we can begin to access a more integrated, coherent version of ourselves. I believe that when we experience our wholeness in this way we begin to feel a deeper sense of enchantment and connection to the earth and all beings around us. Life begins to take on new meaning and our hearts and other sense organs begin to more readily perceive the many worlds of infinite delight and possibility. 


 Practitioner Bio   


Anna Jaquith is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Biofield Tuning Sound Healing Practitioner in Portland, Oregon. She is also a certified Kundalini and Hatha yoga instructor and student of Classical Chinese Medicine. Anna has a gentle, intuitive, trauma-informed approach to care that her clients find calming and centering. She is a natural teacher and is passionate about her work with the human body. Anna’s sessions are collaborative and educational as well as quiet, relaxing, restorative.


A former professional disc-jockey, Anna has a well-developed ear for sound and is passionate about the limitless potential for both personal and social transformation that the quickly growing practice of Biofield Tuning has to offer the planet at this time. In the summer of 2019 she looks forward to completing her graduate degree and expanding her current services to include Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.