I asked our teacher, Eileen Day McKusick, to help us explain to our communities how Biofield Tuning works remotely and today she posted this wonderful video! Enjoy!

A note about my remote work.

Most of my Portland clients do not know that I also do my Biofield Tuning work remotely.

Until now, I have not advertised my distance services publicly but in the past year I’ve enjoyed working remotely with dozens of international and US clients. We find that this work can be done just as effectively non-locally as in person. I have worked with folks in the UK, Italy, Massachusetts, Southern Oregon, Atlanta, GA, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and New York to help them with all of the same concerns that we would address in any in-person Biofield Tuning session. If you are curious or want more info about trying the work remotely, feel free to reach out at anytime.

I didn’t expect to be “going public” about this remote side of my practice, as there are many people who are quite skeptical about how any of this could really work and to many it sounds dubious at best.  With all of us stuck at home, now is a better time than any to offer these services. I hope that it will help people to feel better equipped to handle the stress and anxiety of the public health and economic situation that rapidly unfolds before us.

If you are skeptical, curious, or just need some support right now and cannot find a practitioner due to COVID-19 safety measures, I encourage you to try out. Let your direct experience be the judge of whether or not Biofield Tuning works remotely. Give a call if you have questions or wish to schedule (503) 922-3233.  If you are located outside the US or prefer to email to schedule, please see the email address in the footer below.


Most remote sessions are done on telephone for those located in the US and WhatsApp using the voice feature for those outside of the US.  Video is not used for remote Biofield Tuning sessions.

In addition to Remote Biofield Tuning services, I am offering Sliding Scale Silent Energy Medicine Sessions and Plant Medicine Consultations to support folks during the COVID-19 crisis.

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