In response to COVID-19, all appointments will now be done remotely effective 3/17/2020.


Rates for Remote Biofield Tuning Services (USD):

1 hr- $100

90 mn- $135


Discounted Package Rates for Remote Biofield Tuning Services (USD):

3-Pack (60mn Sessions) -$285

3-Pack (90mn Sessions) -$375

  • If you have previously purchased a package with me in-person, and have unused visits, you can use these to schedule a remote appointment too. You can also gift remote visits to friends and loved ones anywhere on the planet who might be in need of extra support right now.


A note about my remote work.

I have worked remotely with folks in locations all over the US and the larger globe. We find that remote energy work and Biofield Tuning sound healing is just as effective non-locally as in person. Remote sessions are done over the phone for US-based clients and WhatsApp for international clients. 

Here is a great little video on the topic of distance energy work if you would like to know more: