What is a Distance Biofield Tuning Session like?


For remote sessions we work over the phone.  No video or computer is needed. It is beneficial to be in a quiet place where you can comfortably sit or lie down while receiving the work. During your session, we work together to locate and correct patterns of disharmony in the body and its subtle energy field, also referred to as the human biofield.


I use tuning forks, my hands, and other perceptive mechanisms within my own body to find patterns of disharmony in and around the bodies of the folks I work with. To me, areas blocking the flow of energy might feel like dense spots, they might also cause the tone of a tuning fork to sound distorted. When these areas of vibrational distortion are mirrored to the body it seems that the wisdom of your body is able to re-regulate in a way that improves well-being.


Broadly explained, this work supports flow, which strengthens coherence of mind, body and spirit. It supports the health and vitality of your system as an integrated whole. A wide range of benefits have been reported by folks receiving distance sessions and you can check out my Biofield Tuning page for more specifics on that modality. One thing to be clear on, however, is that energy work, distance healing, and Biofield Tuning services are not considered to be medical services. The information on this website, or offered in session, is not to be considered medical advice, nor are these practices to be substituted for mental health and primary care services. That said, this work can be a profoundly supportive addition to your regular wellness routine. To schedule an appointment, click here.


Here is a short video on the topic of distance energy work, by Biofield Tuning founder, Eileen McKusick: