What is Interactive Bodywork and how can it help?

Interactive Bodywork combines several East Asian Bodywork techniques such as Sotai and Qigong Tui Na with a deep listening presence that allows the wisdom of your body to inform our work together. The techniques used are gentle as we work with your movement and breath. This type of bodywork improves overall function and provides wonderful support for the nervous system while correcting patterns of pain and discomfort. You will leave each treatment feeling deeply renewed, restored and relaxed.


Sotai is a form of Japanese bodywork first developed by Doctor Keizo Hashimoto (1897–1993). Dr. Hashimoto was particularly interested in the nervous system and after much travel and study he developed the practice of Sotai. Sotai is a type of manual therapy in which breath and movement are used to reeducate the body’s neuromuscular system. To this day, students of Dr. Hashimoto continue to teach and practice Sotai with great enthusiasm. Although Dr. Hashimoto’s work is still little known to much of the world, it is very easy to learn and it is a highly effective therapeutic intervention for a multitude of health concerns.